Independent Director Search

Independent Director Search


Agora recognizes the increasing need for a new breed of non-executive Director. Not only should such a Director be independent, but he or she must be seen to be appointed independently as well. Our appointment process will meet the demand for appropriate candidates by carrying out individual and fresh searches without recourse to tired databases. The candidates for whom we search and identify will be experienced Senior Directors who are keen to work in different fields.

We believe companies should be looking for external directors with experience of specific situations.  They must be able to assess a company’s problems, opportunities and requirements independently and objectively on behalf of all shareholders. With their background, they should offer and contribute more than a traditional non-executive director due to their background, total independence and particular experience.

Agora will analyse the client company, its board structure, composition and requirements, confirm the competencies required and then carry out a discreet search. This will identify individuals with the requisite skills and experience who fit the company’s profile and specific requirements. At all times, we will manage the process in a simple and efficient manner.

Board Consulting

At Agora, we do not believe in the typical short-term recruitment process that focuses narrowly on filling anticipated Board vacancies for the current year. Rather, along with our clients we work towards building up a long-range plan for Board leadership recruitment and development. To us, the identification and recruitment of organization Board Directors assumes major importance and are factors that can single handedly determine the long-term viability of the organization.

Agora has a dedicated team of professionals whose sole focus is recruiting Boards of Directors and consulting on matters of corporate governance. Our process addresses two key components of a Board enrichment strategy: Board recruitment and Board development. We recruit Directors whose intellect, integrity, objectivity and courage will help clients strengthen their Board structure and improve governance.

Interim Management

Interim Management is a flexible form of executive staffing, typically employed to project manage a range of businesses or critical issues. It is gradually becoming a popular structural management tool for shareholders, boards of directors, management committees and human resources directors.

As our key capability that we offer to clients to meet their requirements, Interim Management offers companies an effective way of filling unexpected vacancies or managing short-term projects. It provides organisations with experienced, high caliber managers who are problem solvers, trouble shooters and business change managers. Whether your requirement is to fill a short-term management gap or if you require specialist expertise for a specific project, Interim Management is the solution.

Interim Management suits executives who are interested in part-time work or fixed-term contracts and are willing to take up the challenge of sorting out a business crisis in a limited time frame.  Agora has a database of such candidates available to fill varying roles. Our interim managers will typically have expertise in delivering similar types of assignments and can therefore anticipate pitfalls or problems before they happen. Being free from existing allegiances and perceptions, they are ideally placed to make difficult decisions objectively.